What is The FLOW Internship?

In 2015, we began developing our first cohort of young adults and over the past 2 summers we have had 20 interns serving in a variety of churches, camps and not-for profit organizations. (read about them here).

We believe that when people discover their unique God-given gifts, find ways to develop them in a safe setting, and follow where Jesus leads, we experience the FLOW we were designed for.


We want to help young adults find summer employment in churches, camps and not-for-profit organizations AND to develop them in our high impact Development Days & Retreats.


This year, we're expanding our program to as many young adults as we can reach! 

Our 4 FLOW Development Days are open to any young adult between the ages of 18-25 - even if they have found their own summer job. (you read that right! Even if you're working at Tim Horton's or the local grocery store, you can have own development internship with us!)


Design my own paid internship?  What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We’re committed to developing young leaders across Ontario.

We will be accepting applications until May 1, 2017 from young adults wanting to work in a church, camp or not-for-profit organization between May & August 2017, and then work with churches and other organizations to find meaningful placements. 

The application helps us understand who you are, where your experience has been and what you'd like to do and learn this summer. Tell us what you want to do, and we'll share your application with churches, camps and other organizations.

Even though applying does NOT guarantee a job placement, it certainly increases your odds and gets you an automatic invitation to the 4 FLOW Development Days.


Are you a supervisor looking for an intern?

We'd like to help you find a keen young adult to serve with you in your church or organization this summer.


Our Focus

F - Flexibility and Foundations

  • Each experience is designed to meet your own individual learning goals.
  • We’ll focus on the foundation elements of following Jesus in the 21st Century.

L - Lifestyle and Laughter

  • Leaders pay attention to their whole life. From finances to relationships, spiritual disciplines to skills development.  We’ll take time to dig into all of these together.
  • We’re committed to having a ridiculously good time all summer long!

O - Opportunities & Outcomes

  • The internship is loaded with experiential activities and opportunities to learn from many different seasoned leaders and experts.
  • Each intern will be mentored to achieve solid outcomes by the time their placement is over.

W - Work & Worship

  • You’ll get real-time experience in the workplace, mentored by a supervisor committed to teaching you and learning from you.
  • We’ll be looking for God in everything and discover how his love is our motivation for serving others.

So, what are you waiting for?