So, you've got a young adult working with you this summer?


We'd like to help you Develop them

We all know that an internship and summer job for students should be more than just cheap labour to get a job done.

You want to provide a solid development experience for a young leader. We know you do too.

BIC Canada is providing high-impact Development Days & Retreats focusing on spiritual formation & leadership development - you can send your summer students to them all!

Regardless of whether or not you find an intern through BIC Canada's pool of applicants, please plan on sending your summer students to these days. Each session is only $20-$30.

It's simple. Just learn more, and send the information to your employee so they can register.


WHO IS BIC Canada and Why are They doing this?

BIC Canada is a small denomination with a big heart to get behind a new wave of young leaders. This is our third summer directing the FLOW Internship and over the past 2 summers we've developed 20 young Christian leaders who have served in churches, camps and not-profit agencies.

Christa Hesselink is the Director of Next Generation Engagement and directs the FLOW Internship.

This year, we're wanting to work with more young adults, churches and organizations in the Christian community to develop synergy, unity and a stronger network of high-caliber young and emerging leaders.

Still needing more info?