Development Days

Our Development Days focus on high quality leadership development with seasoned leaders. Every session prioritizes experiential learning and is tailored for emerging Christian leaders. You'll meet new friends and have a blast doing it!

FLOW interns will attend these days as a part of their internship program, and they get in for FREE.

However, any young adult between the ages of 18-25 is invited to attend one or all of these high-impact development days - regardless of where they work this summer.

The cost is only $20/session and includes take-home materials, peer networking, snacks and a full lunch.

The only criteria you must meet is:

  • You must be between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Register in advance of each session using the online registration form.
  • Willing to pay the $20/session registration fee.

  • Development Day One - Social Intelligence

    (10 June, 2019)
    You can’t get away from it. At school, work, home… no matter where you go… you keep facing the same thing. How do you do life with those who just don’t operate the same way you do? Who don’t think the same way? Or value the same things?

  • Development Day Two - Leadership Essentials

    (12 August, 2019)
    On this day we will focus on essential skills that every Christian leader needs. No matter what your job is or where life takes you, you will need these “How To’s” in your life.